• I am a true believer of Nature and I have always used Natural and Homemade products since childhood. My grandmom used to make Ubtans and Natural Oils for me. I miss her preparations so much.. Recently i found same product at vini's herbal .i totally recommend their product.
    Jyotsana Singh, Teacher
  • I have been using your hair jadi buti oil for a while now and the result are amazing... I am very impressed with your product till now. This hair jadi buti oil has given me a lot more silkier and shiner hair then before.
    Dimple, Student
  • Vini's herbal Organic products are environmental friendly, products are made from natural ingredients. Organic products and cosmetics are good for skin health as our skin functions like sponge , which absorbs all that it comes across with, be it dustor dirt. Organic products and cosmetics helps to soften, clear up skin in a natural way without chemical assumptions. Vini's herbal products have mild and good fragnance which keeps skin and body fresh
    Aman Yadav, Model
  • I've been using this oil for a little under a year and all I can say is that it is amazing! The oil smells great. My hair feels very healthy at all times after each use. I like that it is versatile and that I can either leave it on for a few hours and wash it, or I can put some on my ends after a shower to smooth my hair a little if it feels frizzy. It is probably the best hair product out there that I have used, and I have tried many. Glad that it is free of unnecessary and harmful chemicals, and it is loaded with goodies that benefit my hair and scalp. I highly recommend this product to women with all types of hair.
    Kajal, Student
  • I have been using your soap and gel since 3 months and the products are very effective and amazing  Your Goat Milk Soap is Very Refreshing. One of the great features of your soap is that your soaps are free from harmful chemicals and materials and it makes the skin so smooth. I have also use your herbal oil.. I have seen a lot of difference in my hair. My scalp became weak due to using a lot of products and I always had a headache but using herbal oil made me feel very calm. Now I don't have so many headache problems
    Lovely Hinger, CA
  • Recently i found vini's herbal. All of their products are to die for. They are totally fresh and smell like nature to me. Since I have started using them, I can see visible changes in my skin and hair. Totally recommendable. Love them !!
    Khushi Malik, Model

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